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Mdina Photo

Mdina, Malta's silent city - 12 minutes walk (950m)

Mdina is a fortified medieval town enclosed in bastions, located on a large hill in the centre of Malta. The town was the old capital of Malta, and with its narrow streets, few inhabitants and beatuful views over the Island it is truly a magical town. Mdina is referred to as the “Silent City” by Maltese and visitors alike - no cars (except those of a limited number of residents) have permission to enter Mdina and the town provides a relaxing atmosphere among the visitors walking its narrow streets and alleyways.

Catacombs Photo

St. Pauls Catacombs - 4 minutes walk (300m)

Roman law prohibited burials within the city. That is why St Paul’s Catacombs are located on the outskirts of the old Roman capital Melite (today’s Mdina). Serving as a burial ground from Punic and Roman times, the site represents the earliest and largest archaeological evidence of Christianity in Malta. Its association to the saint derives from the myth that this cluster of catacombs was once connected with St Paul’s Grotto.The catacombs form a typical complex of interconnected underground Roman cemeteries that were in use up to the 7th, and possibly the 8th centuries AD. 

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Roman Villa Photo

Domvs Romana (Roman Villa) - 8 minutes walk (700m)

The Domvs Romana allows visitors to take a glimpse at the private life and habits of an ancient Roman aristocrat. Very little was recovered of the noble Roman town house (domvs) itself, however the intricate mosaics which survived for centuries, as well as the artefacts found within the remains, are testimony enough to the original richness of this dwelling. The remains of this residence were accidentally discovered in 1881. Soon after the first excavation, a building was constructed around these findings to protect the uncovered mosaics. Later on, the museum continued to serve as a repository for all the Roman artefacts found around the Island.

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St Paul's Church

St Paul & St Joseph Churches - 5 minutes walk (350m)

The church is built on part of the site of the Roman city Melite, which included all of Mdina and a large part of present-day Rabat. There were numerous churches built on the site of the present church which dates from the 17th century. 

The other church is dedicated to St. Joseph and is located 2 mins walk from St. Paul Church, both close to Estrella Lodging accommodation.

Victoria Lines

Victoria Lines - 10 minutes drive

The Victoria Lines, originally known as the North West Front and sometimes unofficially known as the Great Wall of Malta, are a line of fortifications that spans 12 kilometres along the width of Malta, dividing the north of the island from the more heavily populated south.

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Dingli Cliffs

Dingli Cliffs - 10 minutes drive

Dingli cliffs are located off the village of Dingli, on Malta’s Western coast. They stage the highest point of the Maltese Islands at around 253 metres above sea-level. The cliffs propose a majestic sight, particularly if viewed from a boat while cruising, but also from the top - the views are breathtaking, overlooking the small terraced fields below, the open sea, and Filfla, the small uninhabited island just across. The cliffs can be seen as natural forts, since no attacker can approach the island from the West given their impressive height. There is a tiny chapel dedicated to St. Mary Madgalene perched on the edge, marking the highest point on the Maltese Islands.

Chadwick Lakes

Chadwick Lake - 10 minutes drive

Chadwick Lakes are a number of dams, pouring into each other, on the island of Malta. Their location extends from Qliegħa Valley in the limits of Mtarfa and Rabat, and extends to Għasel Valley in the peripheries of Mosta.

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